Quality and style. Elegance and inclusion.
Traceability and transparency. Creativity, authenticity, tradition and craftsmanship.
All this is what goes into the creation of VitoVi blazers: garments made in Italy, with a tailored construction, that are not tied to the latest trends - thanks to the high manufacturing quality and attention to detail, they are destined to last for a very long time. The brand’s sporty-chic allure is a combination of relaxed style and femininity, reflecting a more spontaneous way of being elegant, and a sophisticated, lively dress code.


The brand was created thanks to an idea that came to Maria Vittoria Lazzarini Merloni, or just Vicky to her friends, when in 2020 she launched a project that she based on a combination of the quintessential men's formal garment - the jacket - and her Marche region. With a degree in International Relations, she has more of a passion for style than fashion. Meaning the art of communicating, and the way in which our own personality is revealed through the little details. For Vicky, a jacket sums up everyone’s style - from the one you choose to wear, to how you wear it: it immediately shows people who you are. This is why VitoVi is a collection of blazers! With close attention paid to the details, and tailored, menswear-inspired cuts; powerful garments with a modern, extrovert, versatile twist that combines work and leisure. The jacket becomes a language, a confident declaration of style